Microlight flight training - parental consent form

Click here to download and print a .PDF version - Parental Consent Form

If under 18 years of age the following must be printed, completed and signed by the parent or guardian.

I (Name):__________________________________________________________________________________

Of (Address):______________________________________________________________________________ Post Code:___________________

Being the parent / legal guardian of (Name of participant): ______________________________________________________

Participant’s Age ____________ yrs

I hereby confirm that I have given permission for them to take part in a:

Microlight Flight Experience / Microlight Lesson - (please delete as appropriate)

On:_______________________________________ (Enter date of flight experience)

From: _______________ Until: ________________ (Enter date until 18th birthday, if lessons)

Run by HadAir Microlight Flight Training, in accordance with the terms and conditions referred to at http://www.hadair.co.uk/terms and conditions.html



Please ensure the participant brings this form on the day, please do not post it to us beforehand.

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