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HadAirs Santa!

The HadAir Team would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and to 2018 being a good year for lots of FUN and SAFE flying!!

Microlighting is a recreational flying sport that is aimed at every day men and women of all ages that want to reach into the skies and fly around FOR FUN!!

It is a fantastic way to travel and see the countryside, go to social flying events and you can also compete in flying competitions. So if you've ever wondered what its like to be up there with the birds and fly free in the open skies then microlighting is for You.

Learning and flying in a modern microlight aircraft is a truly uplifting experience for anybody who has ever dreamed of taking to the skies. Explore this site, learn more about these fantastic machines and how you could be taking these photographs...


You can begin your journey with an air experience flight, continue it by training and learn how to gain your licence, and then live the dream by owning your own machine and joining in one of today's most exciting, accessible, safe, powered flying sports.

We are a friendly microlight flight training school and club, based near Bobbington at Halfpenny Green Airfield (Wolverhampton Airfield) in the beautiful Shropshire/Worcestershire and West Midlands countryside.

About microlights...

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